About Us

We are an Atlanta based company With an INternational Flavor

A Little Intro

The Audacity to try…

Born in Ethiopia, raised in Sweden, Zahra spent a lot of her childhood traveling to Australia and England with family, and being exposed to various cultures. This exposure sparked a curiosity in her, which ultimately led her to move to the United States as a young adult. Living in Atlanta, then to Los Angeles, and back to Atlanta, Zahra has always had the audacity to try something new.

A corporate banking leader by trade, Zahra would look to exploring hands-on creative activities as an escape from the minutia of the banking numbers. Her audacity to try also led her to taking a hand a real estate investment, which gave her the opportunity to be hands on with construction projects. Zahra’s audacity also leads her to use the phrase “why not” very often when it comes to projects. She will go in head-first, because she believes the worst that can happen is paying someone else to fix it.

The Audacity to try, has now given birth to The Zee Gallery, where she now builds custom furniture, and art pieces. When she is not banking and running The Zee Gallery, this superwoman even finds time to be a wife, and mother to four amazing children.

It is my hope that you will not only love the work that we do at The Zee Gallery, but my story will inspire you to have the Audacity to Try! ~Zahra